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Pruning, or tree trimming like ordinary folks say, is definitely the most common tree Tree trimmer working in cherry picker.maintenanceprocedure. Forest trees grow very well with little or no pruning, but in most landscape situations, tree pruning is often desirable and necessary to remove dead branches, maintain safety, improve tree structure, and to enhance vigor. We understands that each cut affects the growth of a tree. Pruning cuts must be made with an understanding of how the tree will respond to the cut. Of course, improper pruning can cause severe damage, which continues for the rest of the trees life.

But at some point, tree’s problems can become so advanced that simply nothing else can be done. When trimming, cabling and other techniques have already been exercised or considered, a tree removal is inevitable. Other than trimming we are a full service tree removal company. We service all types of tree removal and clearing throughout the greater Ovid, MI area. We are able to remove trees from any type of situation. Our servicemen are highly trained and able to solve your tree related problems quickly and efficiently.

Mike’s Tree Service
address: 3507 Balcom Rd, Ovid, MI 48866
phone: (517) 712-6464

Grinding a stump.Tree cutter on a job site.And nonetheless the season there are always occasional storms called micro-bursts which can really wreak some havoc, leaving behind only branches, stumps and broken in half trees. You have to know that you are not alone in this challanege. Whether is just a stump grinding or extensive lot cleaning, our team of experts is right beside your shoulder.

No job is too small for us. We provide fast and dependable tree service, and we’re not happy until you are. With hundreds of satisfied customers, we know that you will be happy with the results of our work. Be safe knowing your property is in the hands of safe and skilled professionals.

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If you desire, feel free to read our testimonials to see what our other clients think about us.

Amazing Experience

by Rebekah

We had Mike and his crew come out to take a look at the trees on our property that were stuck in the power lines and other's that were ruining the roof of ...
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